Love and Marriage (Part 1-20)



There are just some words that go together and two of such are: love and marriage.


Unfortunately, in a lot of marriages, there is no love; or if there is love, it is only in

one area and there is very little in other areas. Well, God’s plan is that you should

experience the full operation of love in your marriage relationships.


In this message series, Pastor Nkechi takes you on a point-by-point exposé of the

different kinds of love in marriage based on God’s principles. She shows you that

God’s best for you is for there to be a full operation of all the different kinds of love:

Agape, Phileo, Storge and Eros in your marriage.


This message series which will take you through what you need to learn about love

and marriage is designed to bless all categories of people: married, singles,

teenagers and even pre-teens.

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