No Fear Here


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Pastor Nkechi Ene

“What is fear?” If you try to answer this question by looking into dictionaries and into the Bible, the Word of God, you will soon begin to see a picture of a “good” fear and a “bad” fear. The fear or reverential awe of God can be called a “good” fear; while the fear of undesirable circumstances or being afraid of specific dangers is clearly a “bad” fear. The title of the book reveals that we refer to fear as something undesirable that we do not want around us.

Fear is a spirit. The spirit of fear is even more deadly than the spirit of infirmity, the spirit of confusion, the spirit of depression, or even the spirit of death because it is at the root of all these.

In No Fear Here, Pastor Nkechi Ene shares simple but profound truths that will undress the spirit of fear in your life and equip you with revelation knowledge that will totally paralyze fear in your life, and lead you to where you can boldly declare: “There is no fear here!”

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